You can find all your needed solutions in industrial heating field within our organisation and product portfolio which is ever expanding and driven by customer requests and becomes unique solution address.Our competent staff is always ready to offer a solution for all your issues.

All heating elements that you can see in our website has been designed by our engineers according to special requests of customers, to reach reliable solutions.
Our priority target in customer relations is giving numerous benefits of working with SER REZISTANS.

We would like to invite you too to discover these benefits and cooperate in producing solutions for all your needs in heating field.


SER REZISTANS, the leading company of industrial heating sector accept as quality policy in principal;

  • We have adopted the following principles, while continuing to provide, maintain and increase the trust of our firm to be a respected company;
  • Ensure the training and motivation of our employees in order to protect and increse the continuity of our existing quality system with the principle of “ our employees are our founding partners”.
  • To provide customer satisfaction with high quality production, sufficient capacity and timely delivery by perceiving the needs and expectations of our customers correctly.
  • Take advantage of the developing technology
  • Applying the ISO 9001 management system to every field in the production and service within legal framework.
  • We constantly monitor our suppliers and customers based on mutual benefits and contribute to their development.
  • Our production culture that is followed by others, not following

Managing Director Erkan Evrenkaya


We can define our human resources policy as; - hire right people for right posts with our customer-driven approach – Hire high potantial employees - ensure them to improve their abilities in different fields of work also by job rotations –To evaluate their performances well by performance management system To do career planning by assignment and sustain our cooperation with our employees for long terms

We’ll always stand by you, by applying open minded, innovator, reliable, modern human resources policies and with our confidential vision and mission, that never gives up quality time, information sharing and alignment priciples.

Human resources Mision

As a leader company in it’s sector, Ser Rezistans provides all oppotunities so that employers can complete their personal and profesiional development. Human resources mision is to do Ser Rezistans most preferred company for high qualified employees in industrial heating and automation field.

Human resources Vision

To provide continuance of employee’s satisfaction, which is greatest factor in succes of our company, by creating a enthusing and proud work environment.
As a company which is customer driven, accountable to public always out to win and cares ethical values, we improve the knowledges, skills and perfections of our high qualified employees and reveal their real performance, ensure them to give an outstanding performance and as result of all these to be most preferred company and keep it’s ground.

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